How To Attach Welded Wire To Vinyl:

When we attach welded wire, we must use the right “brush”. Doing the job right the first time is crucial, as labor is most of the cost for maintaining and building a fence. That’s why we introduced the long-lasting and aluminum Fence Clamp – we believe it’s the best tool/brush for the job!

We recommend professional installation.

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Plan first…


ALWAYS USE SAFETY GEAR WHEN ATTACH THE FENCE CLAMP, including safety eye glasses/goggles, heavy duty gloves, and long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

Call your local utility companies or 811 to have utilities marked, before you dig holes.

We highly recommend that The Fence Clamp is installed with at least two people (one person to tightly pull on the fence and one person to attach the welded wire fence to the vinyl fence using The Fence Clamp)

The diagram shown on the right includes recommend mounting locations for The Fence Clamp on two, three, and four-rail vinyl fences. Click the image to enlarge it.


For a tight fence, as shown in our example photos, we recommend the following quantities of Fence Clamps:






Getting started…


Begin at one end of your fence and unroll the new welded wire fence roll at least 8 feet.

Align the welded wire fence vertically, in line, with the first vinyl fence post. Although the Fence Clamp is installed along the rails of the fence, the beginning and end of your welded wire fence are installed on posts.

Start attaching The Fence Clamps from the bottom of your fence roll, onto the first post. Work your way up the post, ensuring that the fence roll is perfectly vertical.

The second person should now grab the welded wire fence roll and begin applying light tension on it.

Attach welded wire fence using the Fence Clamps as shown in the diagram above.

Install The Fence Clamp from the bottom of the fence, to the top, and then move down the fence line.

Finishing up…


Install the final Fence Clamps to the last vinyl fence post.

Clip any excess welded wire fence materials.

Return to the first post and mount one Fence Clamp at the very bottom of each post, as low as you can, as shown in the diagram above.

Repeat this step at the bottom of each post throughout the fence. This will help to keep the bottom gaps of your fence more secure.


FOR EXTRA PROTECTION: We have seen lots of benefits by installing landscaping staples alongside the bottom of the welded wire fence, in between the posts. Use one to three staples per fence section.



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