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When you buy The Fence Clamp directly from our web store, this allows us to grow our business while helping others create beautiful and functional vinyl fences.

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Our affordable option for The Fence Clamp installation is our tried and true, white screw. These screws are chosen for vinyl fences due to their self-piercing, short, strong, and rust-resistant nature.


100 PACK


Affordably priced, our 100 packs of Fence Clamps are our most commonly sold quantity. Each 100 pack can be used for about 100 feet of two-rail fence, 75 feet of three-rail fence, and 50 feet of four-rail fence. Perfect for 12-16 gauge wire fence.



500 PACK


Do you have a big fence project, or are you a professional fence contractor? We offer 500 packs of Fence Clamps at a price that is about 20% lower per unit, when compared to our 100 packs. Buy in bulk and save!


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Large Cattle Hog Panel Fence Clamps



Designed for Cattle Panels and Hog Panels, this LARGE version of The Fence Clamp is a stronger, American-made, all aluminum loop for wood, vinyl, and steel fencing. It is perfect for 2, 4, and 6 gauge wire fence.


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Buy The Fence Clamp in Wholesale / Bulk


We offer bulk pricing for orders of $1,000 or more.


Fence Contractors: Buy The Fence Clamp in bulk and save! The Fence Clamp reduces the installation time for your company and your customers’ benefit. Plus, it’s long-lasting and discreet materials mean that your customers will be more satisfied with your beautiful fence installs.

Retail Resellers: We have many customers asking us where they can find The Fence Clamp locally. Now’s your chance to stock your stores with a quality US made product for your customers fencing convenience… Keep the jobs at home and rely on a secure US supply chain.

Wholesale Resellers: We are seeking partnerships with Fence Distribution companies and any other businesses who have the capacity to supply other businesses. Pair The Fence Clamp with other fencing hardware and increase sales ticket values effortlessly.

Farm/Ranch Owner: If you’re a small family rancher, or an industrial farmer, your bulk business is welcomed. We want to save you as much as we can so that you can maintain your property in an affordable fashion.

Other (Large volume buyers): Again, we offer bulk discounted rates for orders above $1000, for any buyers.







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