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Examples of Welded Wire on Vinyl Fence


Thanks to The Fence Clamp, we have demonstrated how it is possible to mount welded wire on vinyl fences.

Now your two, three, or four-rail vinyl fence can keep animals in, and can help to keep invading critters out.

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Mount Welded Wire On Vinyl Fence:

Who can use The Fence Clamp?

We always recommend professional installation for The Fence Clamp. However, if you’re a farmer/rancher, property owner, or residential owner, or more, we believe that you too can have a good looking and strong fence. When you mount welded wire on vinyl fence, you are strengthening your fence while also providing additional functionality. Keep your pets contained and invading critters out. The Fence Clamp is a US made fence installation clip that is affordably priced and ready for use by professionals and individuals alike. Visit our web store to see just how affordable our product really is. Thanks for supporting our growing company!

Why is The Fence Clamp different?

Competitor clips are not only more expensive, but they’re larger. This means that their clips are more visible once installed. We are yet to see a fence install clip that fits tight like The Fence Clamp! Most competitor mounting “clamps” do not actually clamp tight on the fence. This allows for movement up, down, left, right, front and back; All of the directions that you do not want your fence to move…We offer the only “tight and discreet” fence clamp solution!

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Yes, We offer all that as well!

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